LadinoType has always been a very large endeavor. Brian has put a lot of time and energy into LadinoType, but not without help along the way. At the risk of forgetting others, Brian would like to recognize the individuals listed below:

Katie Berman - Brian's wife Katie has been there since the beginning of LadinoType. Whether by keeping their family up and running, allowing Brian time to work on LadinoType or just providing encouragement, Katie has been LadinoType's biggest supporter.

Isaac Nehama (Z"L) - Brian worked with Isaac as volunteers at the US Holocaust Memorial Museum and also helped Isaac translate a book from Ladino to English. Isaac, a native Ladino speaker born in Athens, Greece, in 1927, helped instill in Brian a passion for the preservation of the Ladino language.

Devin E. Naar - Brian and Devin started studying Solitreo together while college students at Washington University in St. Louis. Devin was Brian's primary sounding board during the initial creation of LadinoType, providing valuable support and family documents that led to the creation of LadinoType's signature font.

Developer Community - Brian works full-time as a lawyer and, as a self-taught part-time programmer, was only able to build software as complex as LadinoType with the help of an incredible developer community. Brian would like to recognize and thank, among others, the following individuals and teams for their knowledge, open-source software, products and services: Jeffrey Way and the Laracasts team; Taylor Otwell and the Laravel team; Adam Wathan, Jonathan Reinink, Steve Shoger, and the TailwindCSS and TailwindUI teams; Caleb Porzio and the Alpine.js and Laravel Livewire teams; Freek Van der Herten and the team, Marcel Pociot and the team; Jason McCreary and the Laravel Shift team.

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