LadinoType™ Terms and Conditions

By registering for and using the LadinoType™ system you agree to the following Terms and Conditions:


All personal information including registration and account information, text written and saved in documents, and all communications between you and remain confidential. Your registration information will never be shared with third parties without your express written consent.


All titles and text written using the system are entered in the system upon every saving or updating of a document. The original document, as well as all modifications made thereafter, remain in the LadinoType™ system even after you delete the document.

This information is recorded for several purposes. The first purpose is for analysis by in order to improve the functionality of LadinoType™. Analysis of user-inputted text allows for the further development of transliteration algorythms and new features for the system that may benefit the users.

The second reason information is recorded is to further the goal of of compiling a lexicon of the Ladino language. Each word entered into the system will potentially become part of the lexicon. The goal is to gather as much vocabulary and spelling information as possible. The lexicon will be a method of preserving the Ladino language. All entries to the lexicon will be anonymous and will not be traceable back to its author. Specific names of people that can easily be attributed back to a certain author will not be included without the express written consent of the author. Privacy is a paramount goal and a good faith effort will be made to ensure privacy and safety.


In addition to agreeing to the inclusion of your inputted data into the lexicon, you agree that may use all inputted text and communications between you and LadinoType™ for means of example, testimonials, or other uses as sees fit. This will be done anonymously unless you give express written consent to attach you name to the work.

These Terms and Conditions may change at any time with or without notice. Your continued use of the system expresses your assent to any changes in the terms and conditions. It is up to you to periodically check the Terms and Conditions posted on the site, or may email at any time to request a copy of the Terms and Conditions.